• Moored at Worsley, Bridgewater Canal
  • The Clock Warehouse, Shardlow
  • Moored above Pennington Flash, Leigh

The Hybrid system design continually evolves and the latest version includes an improved control box and a water cooled motor. The water cooled motor is a big improvment over the air cooled one as the cooling should be much more effective especially when the engine bay is warm. Water cooling should also be much quieter than the air cooling, making electric drive even quieter.

The plan is to fit a new Water cooled motor and control system after the other work is done in January and before we set out for Crick in May. This means that Chelonian will have the latest hybrid system on it to show to any prospective customers at the Crick Show.

The work to replace the control system is fairly straightforward.  The work to fit the water cooled motor involves removing the gearbox and rear bell housing on the engine and then changing the bell housing for one with the appropriate fixings for the water cooled motor.

Pictures to follow.