Boiler Troubles

Published: Sunday, 01 June 2014
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eberspacher-hydronic-d5w-scAt the end of March trip the deisel tank was empty to the point where the Deisel boiler was sucking the water and other rubbish from the tank and then sucking air. Even after refilling the tank the boiler refused to start.

Its been around 7 years since I have had the boiler off for servicing, its a job I keep thinking to add to the list but as the boiler keeps on working it gets postponed. So it did not come as much of a suprise.

I removed the Eberspacher and ordered a servicing kit and in April stripped the boiler down to clean and service it, replacing the seals and burner gauze. The serviced boiler went back to the boat at the end of may and was refitted. At the same time I took the opertunity to move one of the radiators in the main cabin, another job that has been on the list for years.

With the system refilled the boiler fired up and all seemed well.

The next morning the boiler failed to start leaving us with no hot water. As part of the refit I had added a Diagnostic module so was able to see that the problem was a "short" on the water circulation pump.

The Boiler was removed and taken back home for further investigation, and when stripped it was obvious that part of the wiring harness had got twisted and the pump connection wires had been trapped between the metal casing and one of the covers. sorting out the routing and putting the rubber sleaves in the right place corrected the problem and the boiler was refitted on 1st of June. Everything seemed good with the boiler firing up first time and every time.

Fingers crossed we will now get several more years trouble free operation.

Well at least its not raining

Published: Sunday, 23 March 2014
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IMG 20140322 140919A Short weekend break to fit and test the refurbished motor. Turned out to be a cold one, but at least the Hail stones mean it wasn't raining.

The intention had been to stop at the Fir Tree Inn at Dunhampstead but there were unfortunatly flooded out in February, just two years after a similar event closed them for 4 months.  The sign outside the door says they are planning to re-open on the 11th April.


With the Fir Tree shut we carried on to Tibberton and had dinner in the Bridge Inn. As usual the quantities and value for money did not disapoint.


Breakfast on the boat before returning to the boatyard.

Refurbished Motor

Published: Sunday, 16 March 2014
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Last week the refurbished motor has been returned, with new bearing, replacment brushes and the commutator skimmed, fit and ready for another 5 years plus of service. Lynch reported that the motor bearing looked fine, but while it was dismantled it has been replaced anyway. With it looking like the motor was not the source of the bearing noise attention has turned to the next most likely culprit, the belt tensioner pulley that keeps the belt between the motor and the prop shaft tight. It's unlikely the the problem is in the gearbox bearing as the noise disappears when switching to diesel power and the gearbox bearing is used for both electric and diesel. So for a modest outlay of £14+ vat and shipping this bearing will get replaced while the electric drive is disassembled. Plans are to refit and test next weekend 22/23rd March. A test run to the Fir tree inn might be called for.

Electric Motor Servicing

Published: Wednesday, 12 February 2014
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After 5 years plus service its time to get the Electric Motor serviced.  The motor has been in the boat since the hybrid was first fitted in October 2008 and has been used in the many tests and trials done over the first couple of years. In the last season the motor bearing was making some interesting noises when the motor gets warm and the most likely cause is a failing bearing.


 So last weekend I visited the boat to remove the electric motor and send it off for servicing.


The Motor is a LEM "pancake"  motor made by the Lynch Electric Motor Company this is a very compact powerful DC motor capable of generating enough power to propel a 20 ton boat and 6 people at 4 miles and hour, or generate 5Kw of power to recharge the battery but is only 120mm deep and 200mm in diameter.

So the motor will be packaged up and shipped off to the manufacturer for a new bearing, reskim the commutator and new brushes as well as a general clean and check up.  It will be interesting to see what the difference is when the motor returns.


The good news after the weekend is that the boat is all safe and sound in the marina, although the canal below the the Marina is in flood and the Severn at Worcester has burst its banks quite spectacularly. See the web cam preview and live picture from Diglis lock.

looking forward to 2014

Published: Saturday, 30 November 2013
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The end if another year looms.


so where shall we go in 2014 ??


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