Electric propulsion

Published: Saturday, 31 March 2012
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During the conversion to Hybrid power the Gas Hob and oven were replaced with a mains fan oven and Induction hob leaving Chelonian a gas free boat.

In addition the plentifull electrical power has allowed other doemstic items to be used including an Electric Kettle, toaster and even an electric bread maker. So if you are walking down the tow path and smell freshly baking bread look out for us.

48v Domestic & Propulsion power

In September 2008 the DC and AC systems on the boat underwent a major change with the domestic LV system being converted from 12v to 48v and all of the Sterling equipment being replaced with Victron products initially using the domestic batteries in series to provide 4x12=48v.

In October 2008 the new Beta 43 engine was installed complete with a 60A 48v alternator system allowing the 48v battery to be charged directly from the engine. AC power and shore line charging of the 48v battery is achieved using a Victron Phoenix Multiplus 48/3000/35 Inverter/Charger providing 3Kw (6Kw peak) of AC power. A second unit was added in Dec 2008 providing 6Kw (12Kw peak) of power enabling the gas hob and oven to be replaced with Electric units.

The domestic 12v is derived from the 48v system using two Victron Orion DC-DC converters. A 360W unit provides 30A of 12v for general domestic use while a second 100W unit provides power for the Eberspacher Central Heating Boiler.

The move to 48v has reduced the current required to provide 3Kw to less around 60A and has meant that the cables needed are now of a manageable size and cost (25sqmm). The electrical system is now rated at 6Kw with 12Kw peak and has no problem powering the Induction Hob, Electric oven and kettle.


In November 2008 a new 48v traction battery was fitted to provide the necessary power for both domestic, and propulsion. The battery consists of 24 x 2v 450Ah cells giving a total 48v 450Ah battery storing some 15KwH of useable energy, this compares with the original domestic battery of 3 x 12v x 110Ah which stored around 2KwH.

The new battery comes complete with a water topping system and gas vent which makes maintaing the battery trouble free. See Battery details in the Hybrid Section.

The engine 12v is now a simple alternator charging a single starter battery which is also used for navigation lights, bilge pumps etc.

Hybrid Propulsion

The Hybrid Electric propulsion system from Hybrid Marine uses the 48v DC battery system to store power for Electric propulsion, and will provide a 5Kw 48v charging system when the engine is running. See the Hybrid Section for more details.

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